Antifreeze Products

We offer a diverse range of products that make a difference to a number of industries. From industrial cleaners to coatings, and water solutions; we are constantly working to ensure our products and services are deserving of our customers' trust.


Item #NameDescriptionIndustryTech SheetSDS
R19060.BLKGM Orange LD50/50, ready to use, Extended life, NAPS-free (Nitrate, Amine, Phosphate, or Silica.) Meets GM nitrate-free standards for vehicles that require phosphate and silica free coolants.Automotive
R19061.BLKAsian Blue LD50/50, ready to use, Blue antifreeze. NAPS-free. (NItrates, Amine, Phosphate, or Silica). Specially formulated for all Asian and European Light duty vehicles.Automotive
R19062Euro Pink LD50/50, ready to use, Light-duty, extended life, and NAPS-Free. (Nitrate, Amine, Phosphate, or Silicate.) Pink antifreeze for use in European vehicles.Automotive
R19063.BLKFord Orange HD50/50, extended life, heavy-duty, orange antifreeze. NAPS-free (Nitrate, Amine, Phosphate, or Silica) Formulated for Powerstroke diesel engines.Automotive, Fleet Maintainence
R19064.BLKAll make Gold LDConcentrated, extended life, Gold antifreeze. NAPS-free. (Nitrates, Amine, Phosphate, or Silicate). American, European, and Asian compatableAutomotive
R19065.BLKFleet Green HD50/50, ready to use, Heavy Duty green antifreeze. Fully formulated low silica blend, Pre-charged with nitrates.Automotive/Fleet Maintenence
R19092.BLKFleet Red HD50/50, ready to use, Heavy Duty, Red antifreeze. Pre-charged with Nitrates and Molybdates. 500 ppm of each for protection against wet sleeve cylinder liner pitting.Automotive, Fleet Maintainence

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